Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CrossconneXion is Christian Youth Hangout

An online Christian social youth hangout emerged as Birmingham's newest tech company after an accelerated startup process.

CrossConneXion.com launched on Sunday. It made it through a two-week screening and development process conducted by members of Birmingham Startup. Birmingham Startup met, shared ideas, voted to narrow the proposed projects to three before choosing CrossConneXion.com as its collaborative effort.

Jim Sutton, youth pastor at First Church Worship Center in Tarrant, pitched CrossConneXion.com an online Christian social hangout where teens can connect with friends and God. CrossConneXion.com will allow users to seek job and mission opportunities, watch celebrity interviews, upload pictures and videos and find teen-related information such as peer pressure, dating, college prep tips and leadership.

CrossConneXion.com will offer features including online mentorships and a monthly video segment featuring the accomplishments of an overachieving youth. Sutton said the idea to create a Christian online networking site came to him two years ago after attending a youth conference in Georgia. He said some of the 700 kids from across the country attending the conference were upset at the conference's close.

Sutton said they craved an avenue to remain connected with mentors and new friends.

After pitching the idea during the first weekend of Birmingham Startup, Sutton's group made changes based on critiques from members of the city's technology community.

"I trusted them and their expertise," Sutton said. "We went in with high hopes. We felt we had a great idea. We just took a lot of the advice they gave and implemented the criticism into our plan. That was critical for us winning."

Birmingham Startup is based in part on the model established by Startup Weekend, which creates a new tech company from idea to implementation in one weekend. Participating cities include Seattle, New York and Chapel Hill, N.C. Birmingham Startup used two weekends this month to launch CrossConneXion.com

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

XMen @ The Prophet Motive MMOG

The bottom line to the Prophet Motive MMOG is that the answers are different. The rules have and continue to change. Time is running out for those who do not adapt to the NEW rules. (I have already made major changes to the movie)
As Napoleon Hill put it so well, "Whenever a nation, a business institution, or an individual ceases to change and settles into a rut of routine habits, some mysterious power enters and smashes the setup, breaks up the old habits, and lays the foundation for new and better habits."
there's a scene in the new X-Men movie that really got to me...

it's where this one mutant boy who has wings sprouting from his back, is trying to saw them off before his dad can see them...

it's a crazy, intense scene...
he's only about 8 years old...

I couldn't help feeling I identified with him...but why?

then, later on in the movie, he goes to a lab where he can get his powers (his wings)
permanently removed...

everyone's telling him its "for
the best, so he can be like
everyone else" but he's having second thoughts...

he struggles, as the needle that will take away his abilities
forever comes closer and closer...

then, suddenly, he breaks out
of the restraints on the chair and leaps out through
the window, breaking the glass,

and falls toward the concrete
and cars below...

then suddenly he spreads these giant, white beautiful wings out and catches himself mid-fall, and
flies off into the blue sky
over the city...

and at that moment I realized
why I felt so moved...

because, just like someone with
PROPHET MOTIVES--someone like me--he was struggling and suppressing his
gift for so long...

he wanted so badly to be loved
and accepted that he was willing
to literally cut-off his gift,
so that he wouldn't be rejected and misunderstood, even by those closest to him...

the terrible choice so many of us with PROPHET MOTIVES have felt we had to make...

the struggle we've had to "just be like everyone else"...

and in the end, it's his gift he really can't live without,
that saves him from death...

--whether a quick death on the pavement, or a slow death from
never having used his true gifts and abilities--

but he makes the choice to
be himself, to use his gift...

he truly lives, and goes on
to become more than anyone could possibly imagine...

if you have PROPHET MOTIVES, you've probably felt more than once in your life,
"Why can't I just be like everyone else? why can't I just do things the same way?"

but there is a reason you were born different...

you have abilities and gifts
now one else can even imagine--

and if you can only learn to use them, they'll grow like giant wings you never knew you had...

one of those special abilities
is that you perceive Time differently than everyone else...

--know what I mean?

for example, you may have noticed that when you are deep into a thought-process or project, time literally seems to disappear--

and hours can pass without you having any sense of time at all...

no, not everyone experiences time this way...

it's a special PROPHET MOTIVE ability. We'll call it your "time-warping"

the downside is that this "time-warping" can make it
extremely hard for you to keep track of other things--

like appointments, tasks and
even people you should pay attention to...

people get mad at you,
and you think:

"I want to change," but the truth is, you don't really want to at the very same time--

because if you were thinking
about keeping track of Time
all the time, how could you sink into that awesome, time-
dissolving space...

where you come up with some of your greatest ideas and breakthroughs, right?

Well, there is a way...

there is one way to keep your time-warping gift, and keep all your appointments at the same time--

a way to be wholly yourself, and
yet have a positive relationship
with the rest of the world too...

all you have to do is become the ultimate Master of your Time...

you can do it, and you can do it today...just call me
at 908-1890
or email me.

Don't cut those wings off--
learn to FLY with them!


==> http://www.tvisio.com/game-theory.html

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rebellion - Radical Christians - Biblical Game Theory

What Does Xtreme Christianity Mean?
What if any connection does it have to Biblical Game Theory?

Anyone looking for the spirit of American counterculture - as a Corporate Logo, Guerilla Promotion Campaign - need look no further than

The Prophet Motive® Online Game Theory.

In 1988, secular alt-culture tribal ceremonies took place at the Reverend Howard Finster's Paradise Garden. The Mecca for tattooed, body pierced, rejects of the mainstream, Howard Finster's Garden welcomed their evangelical counterparts after disillusionment with organized Mega Church. The remnant is having their own reincarnation in rebel gestures that sometimes recall the early church before Virtual Real Estate Empires consolidated control over the ordained priesthood.

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